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13 Dicembre 2017

Nuovo bando per progetti FFC 2018

Sono stati pubblicati bando e forms per la presentazione di progetti di ricerca in fibrosi cistica. La presentazione delle domande scadrà improrogabilmente il 15 febbraio 2018.

Le aree di ricerca prioritarie sono:
1. Pathophysiology of the basic defect in cystic fibrosis and pharmacological approaches designed to correct defective CFTR or to compensate for its deficient function.
2. Identification and validation of new and appropriate in vivo and ex vivo assays to predict and monitor the potential efficacy of new therapies finalized to correct the CFTR defect.
3. Lung infection in CF: pathogenetic mechanisms and development of innovative diagnostic and antimicrobial strategies (studies clearly oriented towards possible clinical applications).
4. Lung inflammation in CF: innovative strategies to reduce the inflammation-based pathology in CF and CF animal models (studies with evident translational potential).
5. Clinical applications in CF prevention, diagnosis, therapy, rehabilitation, care and health organization (clinical trials, epidemiological studies and systematic reviews).

Scarica bando e forms.